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Buenos Aires

Passion, dance, history, and culture combined with warm and steamy weather, make gay Buenos Aires one of the sexiest vacation destinations in the world. This sultry city offers both the energy of a metropolis with its urban center Gran Buenos Aires, and the open green space of Palermo's peaceful promenades. A trip to gay Buenos Aires is not complete without tango and wine, and we know the who's, the what's, and the where's to get a first-hand taste of some Argentina's best.

See Gay Penguins, Argentina & Antarctica on LGBTQ+ Cruise

The first LGBTQ+ cruise to Antarctica sails on a luxury expedition ship through Vacaya, departing Argentina in December 2022. 

The Best: MEAL

Some well-traveled friends share details of their favorite bites of food from 2016.

An Updated Twist on Chimichurri from The Argentine Experience in Buenos Aires

This radical take on a classic Argentine condiment makes a great accompaniment to steak or empanadas. 

Great graffiti abounds in Buenos Aires

Finding amazing works of art in the Argentine capital often requires no more than a walk outside your hotel

Buy buy Argentina

The exchange rate makes Americans feel rich in Argentina.

Another Reason to Visit Argentina: Legal Gay Marriage

Marriage equality comes to Argentina

Queer Tango in Argentina

Buenos Aires hosts International Queer Tango Festival.