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World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Ready for Maiden Voyage

The behemoth mega-cruise ship will hold up to 7,600 guests when it sets sail from Florida in January

Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Arctic Circle Stranding Hundreds

The Ocean Explorer is stuck 150 miles from the nearest settlement.

Texas Teen Still Missing After Going Overboard From Cruise Ship

The family is desperate for answers, but officials have been slow with information.

There Are No Strangers on a VACAYA Vacation

This author learns you will never lack friends when traveling with VACAYA.

Rescuers in Life or Death Race to Reach Titanic Submersible

The undersea vessel has less than four days of emergency capability.

Search Continues After Man Goes Overboard on First Cruise

Surveillance video captured the early morning moments the Virginia man fell into the sea.

Video Captures Terror as Cruise Ship Floods in Violent Storm

One shaken passenger asks, “What were they thinking?”

Crew Mutiny May Cancel Three-Year Global Cruise

The entire team quit, and the reason will make potential passengers more than seasick.

You Can Live on a Cruise Ship for Just $30,000 a Year

Love cruising? Ever dreamed of life at sea? This company has you covered.

Gay Cruise Just Says No to Sexually Explicit Content Online

Videos of public sex romps onboard past cruises had gone viral.

5 Events Where Queer Love Will Reign in February

Celebrate Love is Love all month long with these LGBTQ+ events.

The Luxury Cruise That Turned Into a Rescue Mission

The Celebrity ship turned a vacation into an effort to save lives.

VIDEO: Cruise Passengers Treated to Six-Story Waterfall at Sea

The unplanned Caribbean cascade was the result of an unexpected hard turn to avoid a raft.

Dirty Hull Bars Cruise Ship from Docking in Australia

The Viking cruise ship was forced to drop anchor 12 miles offshore.

Christmas Day Cruise 'Disaster'

A gay couple on board the maiden voyages describes an "absolute disaster."

Cruise Ship Passenger Who Fell Overboard Talks About Ordeal

He lost 20 pounds during the harrowing experience.

Giant Rogue Wave Kills Cruise Ship Passenger

Passengers say the ‘wall of water’ felt as if the ship had hit an iceberg.

Man Survives 15 Hours at Sea After Falling Off Cruise Ship

The rescue is being called a Thanksgiving miracle.

This Floating City Could Be the World’s Largest Boat

Come aboard the turtle-shaped terayacht named Pangeos.