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Disneyland Teases New Tiana’s Palace Menu

The New Orleans Square restaurant will feature classic Louisiana cuisine.

Remembering Beloved Disney Park Mouser Nutmeg

When not out on non-animated rodent patrol, the cream-colored floofer was a popular greeter at the Magic Key Terrace.

Insider Tips From the Man Who Visited Disneyland 2,995 Days in a Row

The Guinness World Record holder shares his secrets.

Disney Lay Offs Begin — 7,000 Employees Will Be Cut

The cuts are part of a multibillion-dollar cost-reducing efforts.

Video: Disneyland Guests Rescued From Sinking Pirates of the Caribbean Boat

Guests had to walk the plank to get escape what one rider called a “hot mess.”

Disney Splash Mountain Fans Fuel Souvenirs Frenzy

The starting bid for one vial of “Splash Mountain Water” listed on eBay was $5,000.

Disneyland Adding Days To Cheapest Ticket Price

The $104 one-day, one-park admission price will be available on more days in 2023.

For 'Disney Gays,' Loving the Mouse House Is Complicated

Is Disneyland still the happiest place on Earth for LGBTQ+ people? The answer for many is yes, but it’s a bit complicated.

Disney Issues New Face Mask Guidelines for Its U.S. Theme Parks

You'll need to don more than your mouse ears if you want to visit a Disney theme park this summer.

Disney Parks Drop Gendered Requirements for Hair, Nails, Jewelry

The change is part of a new inclusion effort that will loosen restrictions for theme park employees.

Will Disney's Jungle Cruise Embrace Campiness as it Sinks Racism?

As Disney revamps a classic ride to address troubling depictions of "natives," we hope for more gay skippers.

Tangled: The Musical Opens on Disney Cruises

How to find plenty of fun on the cruise line—without children to tag along.

Short Shorts Showdown at Disneyland 'Gay Days'

A gay guest was asked to change outfits or risk getting kicked out of Disneyland during the California park's unoffical 'Gay Days' event.

Disneyland's Latest Attraction: Man Buns

Disneyland has been taken over by hot guys with man buns and Instagram.

‘Star Wars'-Themed Expansions Headed to Disney Parks

Much closer than a “Galaxy far, far away.”

Op-ed: At Disney, Be a Lady, Not a Tramp

Gay Days Disneyland is no place to be supercalifragilisticexpialislutty.

Struggling Disneyland Paris Getting $1 Billion+ Infusion

The Walt Disney Company will completely take over the flailing Paris-area amusement park.

PHOTOS: 14 Events You Can't Miss at Gay Days Anaheim

Walt loved gay pool parties, right?

Disneyland at a Crossroads: A New Park in California?

The Magic Kingdom and California Adventure are seeing record attendance, which is both a boon and a bother to Disney.

WATCH: Evil Queen Out-Queens Disneyland Patron

Who's the fairest of them all? Snow White's Evil Queen makes a comeback on YouTube.