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10 Epic Yet Underrated Scenic Trains in Europe

These incredible railway journeys will make you want to try a train on your next vacation.

U.S. Tourist Drives Rental Car on Historic Medieval Bridge

The unlicensed driver was looking for a parking spot.

Reopened Pompeii ‘Phallus’ Villa May Have Been Owned by Two Gay Lovers

The House of Vettii features stunning frescoes, friezes, and one well-hung Roman god.

One Killed, 10 Missing After European Island Landslide

Torrential rains continue to hamper rescue efforts on this picturesque holiday island.

This Italian Region Will Pay You to Visit, But There’s a Catch

Idyllic communities in northern Italy are enticing travelers with an offer you can’t refuse.

Traveling to Italy During the Pandemic

What you need to know before you go, as of August 2022.

Pierre Boo & Nick Champa, TikTok’s Hottest LGBTQ+ Couple, Goes Global

They’re social media’s cutest "young-and-in-love" duo, but their international life is about to get a lot more interesting.

Ron Amato Retrospective: 75 Gorgeous Images of Queer Men

The gay photographer shares an exclusive retrospective of nude men around the world from P-town to Berlin. 

Hard Bodies & Harder Landscapes: Ron Amato Photography Retrospective

In this collection of work, the gay photographer  frames the male body with architectural and other man-made objects.

Queer Men at Home: Ron Amato Photography Retrospective

The gay photographer's Interiors reveals the intimacy of nude men in the comfort of their homes in London, Berlin, Florence, and New York. 

Hungary Homophobe Politician Caught at Gay Orgy, Becomes Ironic Icon

Italian street artist helps József Szájer embrace his true self while calling out homophobia and hypocrisy of Hungarian lawmakers.

Lake Como Is Not Just for Rich Straight Guys

George Clooney, James Bond, and Herb Caen all fell for Italy’s Lake Como — now you can too.

L'Amore per Amalfi

"There is a new Amalfi sprouting up alongside the old one...."

The Best: MEAL

Some well-traveled friends share details of their favorite bites of food from 2016.

Italian Prime Minister Risks Career in Pursuit of Civil Unions

Set on modernizing Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has made the legal recognition of gay couples a make-or-break issue of his tenure.