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Tourist Survives 10-Story Fall After Cord Snaps During Bungee Jump

The lucky man later said it felt like somebody “just beat me up real bad.”

Mountain Lion Attacks 64-Year-Old Man on Rafting Trip

The group fought off the aggressive cat with their oars.

At Least 2 Dead in Colorado Avalanches

The latest deaths bring to nine the number killed by avalanches in the state this season.

Renaming of Colorado’s Mount Evans Delayed

One Native American tribe felt their history was excluded from the process.

New Urban Orchid Species Discovered in Japan

The delicate pink and white petals look as if they’re spun from glass.

2 Hikers Dead, 1 Rescued After Flash Flood in Popular Utah Slot Canyon

Authorities said one body was recovered almost four miles across the state line.

Dinosaur Sets Record for Body Part Longer Than a School Bus

If you’re a size queen when it comes to extinct reptiles, then this is the sauropod for you.

Have the Tiniest Place in NYC? Prove it & Win Trip to Canada

New Yorkers put up with a lot to live in the Big Apple. Our neighbor to the north wants to give them some breathing room.

Nepal Says No to Solo Trekkers Throughout Country

The Himalayan nation had previously banned solo climbers on Mount Everest.

When a Bear Attacks Don't Shove Your Slower Friend Down NPS Says

Here's what the National Park Service advises you do instead.

New Research Reveals Superhighways for Early Mayan Civilization

The discovery is leading some to suggest the culture was more advanced than previously thought.

37th Arizona Gay Rodeo Takes Place This Weekend

Here’s everything you need to know.

Yorkshire's Dinosaur Coast Reveals Record-Breaking Footprints

A massive carnivore left its prints over 166 million years ago.

Sharks Attacked in These 8 States in 2022

The second state on this list will cause concern for gay men.

Here’s Your Chance to Visit the Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls

The famed falls are reopening to visitors for the first time in three years.

Did Earth’s Core Stop Turning?

A new study of seismic waves from earthquakes reveals surprising possibilities.

California Storm-Struck Parks and Forests Still Closed

The list includes some of the state’s most beloved natural wonders.

British Actor Julian Sands Missing on California Mountain

The actor went missing last Friday as snow and threats of avalanche hamper search efforts.

U.S. National Parks Waive Entrance Fees for MLK Holiday

The National Park Service is waiving fees for four other holidays this year.

The 13 Least Visited National Parks

You can still commune with Mother Nature in the great outdoors without the crowds.