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Runaway Barges Stuck on Ohio River, One Carries Toxic Chemical

The chemical is poisonous and an explosive fire hazard.

Polite Pilot Apologizes For Emergency Landing on Interstate

“I’m just sorry I backed traffic up so far,” the contrite man later said.

Louisville Gets Noticed for LGBTQ+ Scene

The Kentucky city was named to New York Times list of places to visit in 2023.

A LGBTQ+ Guide to Louisville, Kentucky

There’s plenty of history and LGBTQ+ fun to pair with the state’s famed bourbon.

Small-town Prides Show LGBTQ+ Life Is Flourishing in America

This trans Appalachian sees hope and resilence in rural American Prides.

All-Lesbian Film Festival Takes Place in Kentucky

Paducah, Kentucky passed an anti-discrimination ordinance this month!