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Search Continues After Man Goes Overboard on First Cruise

Surveillance video captured the early morning moments the Virginia man fell into the sea.

Video Captures Terror as Cruise Ship Floods in Violent Storm

One shaken passenger asks, “What were they thinking?”

Passengers on This Airline to be Weighed Before Boarding

And it's not the first time this airline has weighed its passengers.

Crew Mutiny May Cancel Three-Year Global Cruise

The entire team quit, and the reason will make potential passengers more than seasick.

VIDEO: Passengers Watch in Horror as Man Opens Door Mid-Flight

The Asiana Airlines flight landed safely, but serious questions remain.

Judge Orders Breakup of JetBlue and American Airlines Alliance

The DOJ cited higher prices and fewer flights for passengers from major cities in northeastern states.

Man Charged in “Wizard of Oz” Ruby Red Slippers Theft

That’s a long way from Kansas.

Say Goodbye to America’s Favorite Wiener on Wheels

The unexpected move is part of the rollout of Oscar Mayer's beefy new hot dog recipe.

Experience Fine Dining in the Final Frontier

A French company is accepting pre-reservations for its Michelin-starred restaurant at the edge of space.

U.S. to Australia in Under Four Hours: New Hypersonic Plane Promises the Unthinkable

The Destinus will use hydrogen to fly at a jaw-dropping five times the speed of sound.

6 Dead, 37 Hospitalized After 70-Car Dust Storm Pileup

Victims range in age from 2 to 88 years old.

Massive Swath of Seaweed Hits Florida Beaches

13 million tons of the stuff is drifting toward the region.

This Italian Village Is Being Repopulated by Americans

Irsina is an expat heaven of mostly retirees and American migrants living the rural Italian dream.

Liquid Meth Hidden in 11,520 Tequila Bottles Set For Export

Mexican authorities seized nearly 10 Tons of tequila intended for export.

Here are the Best Gay Sex and Male Nudity Scenes in 2022

The Manatomy Awards from Mr. Man recognize the actors, appendages, and performances often overlooked by the more mainstream awards ceremonies.

Is The US Missing the High Speed Train Revolution?

High speed trains are racing around the world but unique challenges may derail dreams in the U.S.

Boeing Reveals New Issue in “Significant Number” of 737 Max Jets

Here’s what the finding means for the troubled plane.

Legendary Gay Pornographer David Hurles Dies at 78

Hurles challenged industry norms with the use of rough-looking models he found on the streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District in the 1970s.

7 Dead After Tourists Swept Away in Avalanche

13 others injured as unseasonal rain and snow mix in northeast India.