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Here’s Your Chance to Visit the Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls

The famed falls are reopening to visitors for the first time in three years.

Did Earth’s Core Stop Turning?

A new study of seismic waves from earthquakes reveals surprising possibilities.

California Storm-Struck Parks and Forests Still Closed

The list includes some of the state’s most beloved natural wonders.

British Actor Julian Sands Missing on California Mountain

The actor went missing last Friday as snow and threats of avalanche hamper search efforts.

U.S. National Parks Waive Entrance Fees for MLK Holiday

The National Park Service is waiving fees for four other holidays this year.

The 13 Least Visited National Parks

You can still commune with Mother Nature in the great outdoors without the crowds.

Here’s a List of All Visible Celestial Events for 2023

Comets, eclipses, wolf moons, micromoons, and even a blue moon are on the calendar.

Woman Finds a Massive Severed Whale Penis on Beach - Pics Included

The member was as big as the woman’s leg…while flaccid.

Find RV & Vanlife Camp Sites With App Co-Founded By Queer Woman

LGBTQ-inclusive app Sēkr includes more than 50,000 campgrounds and overnight options.

Totally Chill Gender Reveal Party For Gay Brit Penguins

Gay Humboldt penguins Diego and Zorro have never been prouder.

Lake Mead Water Woes Expose Epic Volcanic Eruptions

Low water levels revealed multiple eruptions over millions of years…and it is only a matter of time before it happens again.

Election Fraud Scandal Rocks Fat Bear Finals

Voters are choosing a champion in the annual competition for the other kind of rotund mammal following charges of cheating.

Volcano Could Spell Doom For Sacred Easter Island Statues

Experts are still assessing the “irreparable damage” to the 500-year-old sacred statues.

Breathtaking Pics as Trans-Bhutan Trail Opens to Outside World

Foreigners can make the 250-mile trek for the first time in 60 years, but at a price.

Mexico’s Dino-Killer Asteroid Also Triggered Global Tsunami

Experts say it is only a matter of time before another apocalyptic asteroid strikes Earth again.

RVing Made Simple — Even For Newbies

How a new company is making RVing easy, even for those who don't own a rig. 

Gay Albatrosses Find True Love With Sir David Attenborough

The avian hookup took place on the conservationist broadcaster’s latest series.

Renowned US Ski Mountaineer’s Body Found in Nepal

The trailblazing Hilaree Nelson gained fame in 2012, when she climbed Everest and an adjacent mountain in just 24 hours.

Nonbinary Bike Events

From casual city rides to arduous gravel and mountain bike competitions, more events across the country are including nonbinary categories

Perseverance Rover Finds Organic Matter ‘Treasure’ On Mars

Researchers say the discovery suggests potentially habitable environments in the red planet’s past.