Gay Paris: Fashion, Luxury, Fine Dining, and History


The history, the romance, the culture, and the fashion, gay Paris has all the elements for the single most fabulous vacation of a lifetime. From visits to The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and the Sainte-Chappelle, to coffee-sipping, people-watching, and croissant-nibbling, there is never a dull moment for gay Paris visitors. Whether you are a fashionista or a traveling foodie, we know the best places to shop, sleep, eat, and drink to make your Parisian adventure one that you will never forget.

Mommie Dearest, Frank Ocean, Megan Hilty, and Disneyland Paris

May 07 2015 8:50 PM

Experts at Rue Amandine offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience only the best gourmet that Paris has to offer.

March 26 2015 3:10 PM

A bijoux hotel in the world’s most romantic city gets it just right.

January 27 2015 12:00 PM

Vandals brought an end to a giant art installation inspired by Christmas trees and sex toys.

October 18 2014 7:35 PM

The Walt Disney Company will completely take over the flailing Paris-area amusement park.

October 06 2014 7:00 PM

You can go anywhere with a 30-liter backpack and some elbow grease.

April 30 2014 2:37 PM

A dedicated cheese hater went to France to sample the fromage.

April 18 2014 12:36 PM