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Experience gay Portland. As a city with a reputation for progressive values and acceptance, Portland offers up great art, food, and tons of shopping as well as outdoors activities. Let us introduce you to the big city with a small town feel. Gay Portland is all about slowing things down and enjoying a custom made lifestyle centered on cafés, breweries, and a still thriving bookstore scene. But Portland isn’t all about the culture, or the coffee, or the shopping in Nob Hill. We'll show you which food cart to hit up on your way to Columbia River Gorge, where a waterfall is sure to take your breath away.

The World’s First Sports Bar For Women's Sports to Open in Portland, Oregon

No need to ask the bartender to change the channel to a women’s game when the The Sports Bra opens later this year.

Tour Proudly Queer Portland, Oregon With Amazing Race Winners Will & James

Will & James get flocked, meet the world’s oldest working drag queen, and discover the country’s first official clothing-optional beach in this week’s episode of Get Back Out There.

Will & James Visit World's Oldest Drag Queen in Exclusive Sneak Peek of Portland Episode

The Amazing Race winners find the queer Oregon city has everything from great food and natural beauty to the world’s oldest working drag queen.

This Gay Beach Is World’s Second Best Skinny-Dipping Spot

Here are all the U.S. destinations that made it into the top 100. Is your favorite gay nude beach about to be overrun?

Today's the Last Day to Get Your KinkFest Tickets

KinkFest has gone virtual this year, so you don't have to be in Oregon to attend the Portland Leather Alliance fetish festival. But you do need to get your tickets today.

America's First Gay Taqueria Open in Portland

Couple creates a queer space in taco shops with Los Puñales.

Meet Darcelle, a Portland Drag Queen, Who Helps Keep the City Vibrant

Travel Channel host Nick Watt talks to an 83-year-old Portland performer to understand the city’s cultural past

Hanging Dildos Are Suddenly Everywhere in Portland

Throwing dildos over the power lines has become a thing in Portland.

PHOTOS: Portland Unfurls Its Pride

D. David Robinson's photos show that Pride is bright in Portland, rain or shine.

Spotlight Portland, Oregon: Into The Woods

As part of Out Traveler's Refresh & Renew series, we bring you hot hotels, bars, and attractions that are the perfect destinations for mini–fall getaways. Check back for more of what's on around the world.

Nicholas's Gay Guide to Portland, Oregon

Guides to great cities by the locals who know them best!

Portland Sees Green

Business travelers fall for the City of Roses' quirky charms.

Playback: Portland’s Aefa Mulholland finds Portland looking good.

The Best Little Place in Oregon Part Two

Openly trans Mayor Stu Rasmussen tell us why Silverton is the best small town in Oregon, and what's afoot with his possible reality TV show!

The 7: The Modera, Portland, Oregon

The Modera, 515 S.W. Clay St., Portland, Oregon; 503-484-1084;

The 7: The Nines Hotel, Portland

Portland, Oregon’s deliciously decadent Nines Hotel just swooped right to the top of my favorite hotels list.

EXCLUSIVE | When in...Portland

The crown jewel of Oregon delights all the senses with fresh local beer, wine, seafood and farm products. It’s also laid back, super gay friendly, eco-friendly and surrounded by parks.