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VIDEO: Door on Russian Plane Carrying 31 Opens Mid-Flight

The plane was able to make an emergency landing with no injuries reported.

BREAKING NEWS: Brittney Griner Released from Russian Detention

The out WNBA star was released as part of a reported prisoner swap for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout.

This LGBT Museum Is Where You’d Least Expect It

And it may be forced to close before the week is up.

Brittney Griner Transferred to Russian Prison Labor Camp

The WNBA star’s current whereabouts are unknown as the White House and her legal team work for her release.

Russian Court Upholds Brittney Griner’s Drug Smuggling Conviction

The US basketball player’s nine-year prison sentence is only slightly reduced.

Ancient DNA Reveals First Neanderthal Family Portrait

More than 50,000 years ago, a Siberian cave housed the real-life Flintstones.

Brittney Griner Spends Birthday Behind Bars

The basketball star remains locked in a Russian jail as efforts to secure her release continue.

Why the Brittney Griner Sentence Should Concern LGBTQ+ Travelers

The treatment of the lesbian WNBA star in Russia is a warning.

48 Photos of Sexy Russian Boys Fighting

The sexy, gritty photos by Alex Yocu shows the rough nature of male friendships.

WATCH: Calvin Klein Ad Being Investigated as 'Gay Propaganda' in Russia

Russian authorities say they have received complaints that a Calvin Klein ad features "gay propaganda." 

Sensuality in Motion: 13 Photos of Russian Dancers

Photographer Alex Yocu captures the beauty of movement—and the male nude—in his new series.

European Union: Life for LGBTs in Crimea ‘Substantially Worsened’

Repression of LGBT people accelerated after Russia annexed the Eastern European peninsula.

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Blames Gays for Rise of ISIS

Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church has taken the 'blame the gays' mantra to a whole new level.

Russian Parliament to Take Up Anti-LGBT Bill

Proposed in October, the bill will ban gays and lesbians from displays of affection.

Pussy Riot’s Masha Warns Us About Donald Trump

“If you want [to have] your own Putin you can vote for Donald Trump.”

These Kids in Russia Are Voguing. The House. DOWN, Hunny!

St. Petersburg is burning.

'Carol' to Make Its Russian Debut Despite Anti-Gay Propaganda Law

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara's love will not be denied. 

Ian McKellen Tops Russian ‘Maxim’ List of ‘Forgiven Gays’

In a vile attempt at attention, the publication stated that actors, authors, and historic figures are 'respected' despite their sexual orientation. 

U.S. Embassy Exposes Fake Pro-LGBT Letter Published by Russian Newspaper

After a Russian newspaper published a fake letter meant to discredit LGBT activists, the U.S. Embassy exposed the forgery in the most amazing way.