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Salt Lake City

​Great Salt Lake Could Disappear in 5 Years​

Without emergency action, scientists say, it could dry up completely.

A LGBTQ+ Guide to Salt Lake City

One of the queerest cities in the country features great food, jaw-dropping natural beauty, and plenty of fun after dark.

Why Thousands of Mormons Quit the Church to Support Gay Rights

Thousands marched, cried, and mailed letters of resignation to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday.

It's Official: Salt Lake City Elects Lesbian Mayor, Jackie Biskupski

A canvass confirms Biskupski's win, making her the first openly LGBT person to be elected mayor of Salt Lake City.

Six Months in Salt Lake City

Film festivals, ski weeks, outdoor concerts, and even a western pioneer day — SLC has nonstop attractions year-round.

Salt Lake City: Insider's Guide

We asked some of the numerous LGBT professionals and business owners of Salt Lake City for the inside scoop on their city.

Salt Lake City: Nightlife

Check out the bars and clubs that cater to LGBTs in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City: Where to Have Fun

From outdoors adventures to cultural gems, Salt Lake City offers a range of experiences to suit any taste.

Salt Lake City: Where to Eat

Salt Lake City is a total foodie town. Prepare yourself to dine in a city that greatly emphasizes its love for local and organic produce.

Salt Lake City: Where to Stay

Find the perfect place to stay in Salt Lake City.

3 Cheers for Utah's Most Famous Ski Resort

The Stein Eriksen Lodge shines year-round.