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South America

Here are the World's 10 Most Welcoming Cities

These cities welcome visitors with open arms (and some great food, beaches, and parties too!).

Entry to Machu Picchu Suspended

Violent insurrectionists vandalized rails taking tourists to the mountain citadel.

One Dead as Peru Protests Move to Historic Cusco

At least 19 police officers were injured in the attack by violent protesters.

Discovery of New Geoglyphs Nearly Doubles Peru’s Nazca Lines

Researchers describe a rich collection of cats, snakes, birds, and even whales.

Getting an LGBTQ+ High From Dynamic Bogotá

Colombia’s hilly capital city surprises with its restaurants, sights, and, yes, LGBTQ+ nightlife.​

Dozens of Tourists Held By Indigenous Peruvians To Protest Oil Spill

Up to 150 tourists traveling in the Amazon detained by an indigenous community in protest over government inaction will be released. 

Volcano Could Spell Doom For Sacred Easter Island Statues

Experts are still assessing the “irreparable damage” to the 500-year-old sacred statues.

The 12 Best Places to Visit for Fall

Here are the best spots around the world to visit after the crowds and heat of summer.

Gay Anthropologist Dr. K David Harrison Preserves Endangered Languages

Dr. K. David Harrison is working to bring greater awareness to LGBTQ+ explorers while also seeking to preserve endangered languages in isolated areas.

Peru’s Enormous Ancient Line Drawings

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is under threat from a surprising source — those who want to see it.

Tops or Bottoms? Which Countries Have the Most of Each?

You won't believe which countries Grindr says have the highest percentage of bottoms. 

Chile's Congress Approves Marriage Equality

President Sebastian Piñera, who has moved from opposition to support of marriage equality, is expected to sign the bill into law.

Ultimate LGBTQ+ Caribbean Island Psychedelic Wellness Retreat

Align your mind, body, spirit at this 5-day Jamaican retreat with a 'shroom-assisted and shaman-guided healing journey.

Brazilian Artist Reveals Giant Vajayjay

The crimson concrete and resin sculpture was immediately condemed by Brazil's far right

Will & James's Guide to Amazing Race Episode 4

Will and James finished the third leg of the Amazing Race in first place! Get their insights, (and a sneak preview!) of 4th Episode here.

Will & James' Guide to 'Amazing Race' Episode 3

The next leg of the Amazing Race takes the gay competitors to Brazil, deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Sneak peeks of tonight's episode!

This Gay Man Biked from Oregon to Patagonia

When Jedidiah Jenkins found himself in a rut, he decided to ride a used bike to the tip of South America, camping along the way.