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Mixed Ruling on Marriage Equality by Court in Japan

The court ruled the ban on marriage equality was legal, but also found the lack of protections for same-sex LGBTQ+ couples violated their human rights.

How Grindr Is Being Used to Out Queer Olympians

TikTokers are sharing images and videos of LGBTQ+ Olympians Grindr profiles online.

Adam Rippon to Host New Show Covering Tokyo Olympics for NBC

The former Olympian has been busy the past year, getting engaged to his boyfriend and helping develop a figure skating television comedy as well.

Is Tokyo Gay Friendly?

A new video chronicles the diversity of queer culture in Japan's largest metropolis.

Discover Tokyo & Kyoto in November

Glittering fall colors rival springtime’s cherry blossoms.

Tokyo's Shibuya District Votes to Recognize Same-Sex Relationships

The move in the Shibuya ward marks a big step for conservative Japan

PHOTOS: Men In This Town Highlights Male Beauty

A new photo book provides over 250 pages of delicious eye candy from Australia to Italy.

Tokyo Disneyland Now More Popular Than Original Disneyland

The second-most-popular theme park in the world is now Tokyo Disneyland.

Beating Madrid and Istanbul, Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympics

The decision by the International Olympic Committee is viewed as a safe choice.

Why Madrid Should Get the 2020 Olympics

An advocacy group for LGBT athletes wants Madrid to win the next bid for the Summer Olympics.

New Honor for Japan's Highest Peak

Mount Fuji set to become the country's 13th World Heritage site.