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Discover this Forgotten Aegean Coastline – By Boat

Sleepy villages and warm waters await you.

Magnitude 6.3 Aftershock Rocks Southern Turkey

One mayor described collapsed buildings and panic in his village near the epicenter of today's quake.

Survivor Describes Terror of Turkey’s Historic Earthquakes

More than 5,000 are reported dead in a succession of quakes that have rocked the country.

A Steamy Encounter at a Gay Turkish Bath

Zachary Zane visits Istanbul's unofficial, underground gay hammam.

Turkish Oil Wrestling: Male Bonding at the Kirkpinar Festival

In 2001 photographer Ron Amato traveled with author Aydin Bengisu to Turkey to document the ancient sport of oil wrestling. This is what they found.

Stranded in Turkey For 71 Days After Her Documents Stolen

Since the 26-year-old Canadian's wallet was stolen on a layover in Instanbul, she's been stuck in Turkey. 

20 Pics of Family on World Tour Before Children Lose Their Vision

These loving Canadian parents are giving their children a lifetime of immersive and visual experiences.

This Turkish Hotel Won’t Rent To Men Unless They're With a Woman

Is it homophobia or a response to the region's toxic masculinity?

Male Bonding: Turkish Oil Wrestling

Photographer Jim Mavros captures the oily rituals of one of the oldest sports on the planet

Fund This: Holiday Aid for LGBT Refugees in Turkey

Fund This: Holiday Aid for LGBT Refugees in Turkey

"I know how very important it is to receive aid," says Subhi Nahas, "especially when you are in a new country."

Turkish Army Adopts 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy for Gay Recruits

Turkish Army Adopts 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy for Gay Recruits

Turkey's military has done away with an unscientific, invasive exam which seeks to "prove" that potential military conscripts are gay, and therefore ineligible for service.   

Equality Round-Up

It's been a big week for the international LGBT community.

Meet Baris Sulu, Turkey's First Openly Gay Political Candidate

a veteran LGBT activist, he says his sexuality has never been a secret

Report: Turkey Bans Grindr

The gay hook-up app is apparently no longer available for Turkish users and those in the country.