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World Cup

Qatari TV Mocks Germany's OneLove World Cup Armbands

After FIFA warned players they would be sanctioned for wearing the armband, Germany's team protested Qatar's anti-LGBTQ-stance another way.

Security Stopping World Cup Fans Wearing Rainbow Gear

One fan was taken into custody, others were told to throw away their LGBTQ+ items.

Why Some LGBTQ+ Soccer Fans Won't Go to The World Cup in Qatar

Despite assurances that all are welcome, the country's poor record on LGBTQ+ and women's rights questions the commitment of Qatar to keep those fans safe.

Did Qatar Erect a Giant Vagina for World Cup 2022?

Many fans and observers note the uncanny resemblance to the female genitalia.

Virgin To Fly British Soccer Team to Qatar World Cup on Pride Plane

The small rebellion is mostly symbolic.

Qatar ‘Commends’ Aussie National Soccer Team’s Call for LGBTQ+ Reforms

The Middle Eastern country has been reeling after its flagship airline was sued over non-consensual vaginal examinations of female passengers.