Top 5 Fall Hikes


By OUTTraveler Contributer

Enjoy these walks in the woods while the deserts are mild and the forests ablaze.


After years of neglect and attrition, America's national parks are having something of a celebrity moment. Last year, darling documentarian Ken Burns made a glowing six-part PBS miniseries called >The National Parks: America's Best Idea. This year, the Parks Department unrolled a series of fee-free days at the 100-plus parks that ordinarily charge fees. (The next one is November 11, Veterans Day, and then again during the annual National Park Week in April. But the parks themselves—392 of them total—don't need a PR campaign and autumn showcases their best. A walk in the woods and open air is the much-needed antidote to the cloistered luxury of retreats (as much as we love the cloistered luxury of retreats). They can last an afternoon or stretch to a 30-day trek. We suggest something in between.

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