10 Hikes And Sights Outside Las Vegas


By Andrew Belonsky

Ten outdoor adventures for those hoping to get away from the glitz, glam and games.

Red-Hued Beauty At Valley Of FireOver 150 million years in the making and named for the mountains' crimson hue,Valley of Fire State Park was once home to Anasazi Pueblo farmers.

Though they hightailed it about 860 years ago, their art remains, providing a stark contrast to the lights of the strip.

The caves, formed by the whipping sands that have passed through before, provide hours of natural entertainment for those hoping to get up close with one of Nevada's most beautiful attractions. Local hikers recommend the 6.7 mile Charlie's Loop for an afternoon adventure, or the 7.9 mile Prospect Trail is available for an even longer jaunt, while the much shorter ? .8 miles ? Mouse's Tank Trail gives you a closer look at the petroglyphs with far less sweat.

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