Different for Girls: Top 5 Lesbian Meccas


By Aefa Mulholland

What’s a girl to do once she’s crossed off San Francisco, New York, West Hollywood, and Portland, and done the Dinah to death? It’s time to trot to these off-radar, lesbian hot spots.


Gay travel is often "different for girls." Does a listing that states ?gay-friendly? also mean ?lesbian-friendly? or ?lesbian-popular?? If accommodations are advertised as "gay/lesbian," will visiting women find themselves lone ladies in a gay male?dominated, clothing-optional compound? Will female travelers make the unfortunate discovery that accommodations are ?lesbian?overly friendly? and find themselves the objects of unwanted interest? Call ahead to potential accommodations and ask about their percentage of lesbian guests. But don?t allow such concerns to limit vacations to the same spots that have lured ladies for decades: a slew of off-radar sapphic spots await.

If you?re looking for new places to vacation in the company of women, click here for a tour of our top-five offbeat lesbian destinations, starting with number 5 and counting down to our number 1 absolute favorite getaway for girls.

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