VIDEO: Riders Stuck for Five Hours on Maryland Roller Coaster


By Neal Broverman

The Joker Jinx is out of commission after the ride suddenly stopped and left riders stranded in 80 degree heat.

Riders on the Joker Jinx roller coaster at Six Flags America in Maryland thought they were going to die when the ride suddenly stopped and they were stuck 80 feet in the air.

It took rescuers five hours to get all 24 passengers to safety; there were 17 adults and seven children stuck. The riders were mostly unscathed but did complain of dehydration, cramps, and back pain. All of the passengers were upright, but some were twisted in uncomfortable positions, according to pictures and video from the local ABC affiliate.

Six Flags officials say the ride's emergency response system kicked in and stopped the ride, though they're not yet sure why. The ride is shut down until an investigation is completed.

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