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If you are looking to escape the harsh winter chill, gay Acapulco has the yearlong warm weather, Hollywood history, thriving nightlife, and cheap drinks that make for the perfect beach vacation. The gorgeous bay and clear blue waters are what made gay Acapulco famous, and their beauty and majesty have not faded over the years. From cliff-diving performances to bungee jumping to authentic cuisine, we’ll tell you the must-sees and must-dos to get the most out of this spectacular resort town.

Acapulco Suffers Epic Flooding, Shredded High-Rises in Wake of Hurricane Otis

The Mexican Riviera town was expecting a tropical storm, but Otis unexpectedly intensified to a category 5 hurricane just hours before landfall.

‘Nightmare Scenario’ as Cat 5 Hurricane Otis Slams Acapulco

The killer storm was expected to make landfall as a tropical storm but rapidly intensified in just 12 hours.