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The group had refused to follow mask protocols and were already being escorted off the plane when the homophobic outburst occurred. 

July 21 2021 1:57 PM

Barry Hoy's first hand report from Alaska's inaugural “Parade in the Sky” flight.

June 21 2021 5:00 AM

Expedia, Marriott, Walt Disney, Wyndham, and others join hundreds of corporations in the largest business coalition ever to support LGBTQ+ equality.

May 03 2021 11:07 AM

In justifying his denial of 138 requests for time off by his South Korean female employees, the former CEO argued the women had not provided proof they were menstruating.

April 27 2021 3:00 AM

The skies are no longer friendly for one grounded pilot, who faces federal charges for sharing an in-person dick pic. 

April 05 2021 8:13 PM

A plane full of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras attendees witnessed the two men's special moment.

March 10 2021 11:00 AM