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UK Airports Suffer Air Traffic Control “Failure”

Passengers across Europe are facing potential delays.

1,600+ Flights Canceled Tuesday As Winter Weather Hits South

An additional 2,600 flights were delayed as Texas is hit by brutal ice storm.

13 Hour Flight to Nowhere After Auckland Airport Floods

Plane returns to Dubai when unable to land in New Zealand due to flooding.

Corrupt File Led to the FAA Ground Stoppage

The same corrupted file was also found in the backup system.

JFK TSA Finds Gun Hidden In PB

The semi-automatic was being smuggled in peanut butter jars packed in luggage.

Those African Souvenirs Could Get You Arrested

Airport officers seized woman's "souvenirs" brought back from Kenya.

Most Guns TSA Seizes Loaded

In 2022 a record number of firearms were intercepted at airport security, most weapons had ammunition loaded.

Will Thanksgiving Travel Be As Chaotic As the Summer?

Experts say weather is still a wild card.

Play Pickleball at JFK Airport

 For a limited time only, you too can play pickleball on the tarmace in New York City.

Comedian Eric André Files Lawsuit Against Atlanta Airport Police

Eric André and Clayton English say they were racially profiled. 

CDC Suspends Country-Specific Covid-19 Travel Advisories

Travelers should ‘make their own decisions’ about safety.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to Cap Passengers Through Early 2023

One of Europe’s busiest airports struggles to keep up with demand.

Charleston Airport Closes as Hurricane Ian Moves In

As South Carolina gets pummeled, Florida airports start to reopen.

Fall Air Travel: What to Expect this Labor Day and Beyond

Here’s what you need to know before you book your flight or head to the airport.

What to Do if Your Flight Is Canceled

With airlines frequently canceling over a thousand flights a day knowing what to do if yours is among them is more important than ever.

This Massive Nuclear-Powered Jet Hotel Looks Amazing and Terrifying

The Sky Cruise concept nuclear jet hotel promises luxury above the clouds, but others warn of a Skytanic experience.

U.S. Issues First Passport With Third Gender Option

The third option, an X marker, will be available to passport applicants starting next year.

International Travel to U.S. For Fully Vaccinated Visitors Set to Resume Nov. 8

The White House announcement was warmly welcomed by the airline and hotel industries hard hit by the travel restrictions.