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New Findings Foreshadow Catastrophic Collapse of Doomsday Glacier

The ice formation roughly the size of Florida is “in trouble,” according to two new studies.

See Gay Penguins, Argentina & Antarctica on LGBTQ+ Cruise

The first LGBTQ+ cruise to Antarctica sails on a luxury expedition ship through Vacaya, departing Argentina in December 2022. 

The South Pole Just Had Its First Ever Official Pride Celebration

Polar Pride supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ researchers at the isolated facilities.

Voyage to Antarctica: Chinstraps and Horniness

Clark Harding, Out Traveler's resident adventurer, recently recounted his journey to Antarctica. In this final part of a series — read part one and two — Clark describes how the continent's creatures distracted him from his stirrings.

Exploring Antarctica, Or Being in Seal Porn at the World's Bottom

Clark Harding, Out Traveler's resident adventurer, recounts his journey to Antarctica (with his mom!) in the first-part of a series.