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Miss Vanjie Reveals Her Favorite Travel Spots Plus One Nightmare

The RuPaul star says it’s all about the girls and kiki when it comes to choosing a club for the night.​

Ask the Expert: Workout for the Road

Fitness coach, Liz Montaño, offers up a sweat-inducing workout that can be done in a hotel room.

Al&Chuck.Travel Brings the Big Gay Party to Cuba

He also gives us a glimpse at the first gay cruise going to Russia.

Holiday Travel Wearing You Down? Cryotherapy Might Be the Answer

Expert Wendi Michelle from West Hollywood's Next Health tells us why.

Ask the Expert: Fear of Flying

Has anxiety over air travel left you feeling anything but grounded? 

Ask the Expert: Cellphone Water Rescue

Gadget expert Amy Rice tells us what to do when our smartphone goes for a swim.

Ask the Expert: Destination Weddings

Lifestyle expert and author, Robert E. Blackmon offers tips for planning a dream wedding away from home.

Ask the Expert: Hotel Booking Hacks's Ivy Chou offers advice on getting the best price on a hotel.

Ask the Expert: The Summer Groom

A men's styling expert offers up tips on achieving a great, healthy look for summer.

A Misanthropist's Guide to Airbnb

"Yes, he’d spent the last hour describing sexual acts so depraved I’d experience night terrors for weeks to come."

Ask the Expert: Should I Worry About the Zika Virus?

Travel medicine specialist Dr. Mia Taormina tells what to look out for and who is most at risk.

Ask the Expert: 2016 Travel Horoscopes

Not sure where to go this year? Astrologer Ally Mead (aka the Sassy Psychic) offers up her recommendations.

Ask the Expert: Navigating Holiday Travel

Three experts discuss everything from bad weather, avoiding crowds and scoring cheaper fares.

Tips For Travelers and Owners Using Share Services

What to do when your Airbnb is wrecked by AirPnP or your FlightCar has its wings clipped.

Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Your First Vacation as a Couple

Dr. Anne Brennan Malec Offers Tips to New Couples on How to Make a Clean Getaway 

Essentials for Keeping Fit Away from Home

Fitness Expert Ty Vincent Packs a Workout Bag for the Road

Experts Weigh In on Traveling with Your Pet

Cesar Millan, Mary Wyld and Julia Pennington Advise on Safe Summer Travels with Your Pet

Get Your Thrills: 2015's Best New Coasters

Roller Coaster Expert Pete Trabucco's Five Must-Ride Picks for Summer

Ask the Expert: Online Security

PrivateGiant CEO Shaun Murphy offers tips to keep our information safe while traveling