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Ask the Expert: Workout for the Road

Ask the Expert: Workout for the Road

Sweat Mix Travel Workout

Fitness coach, Liz Montaño, offers up a sweat-inducing workout that can be done in a hotel room.

Whether it's the busier-than-usual schedule, the subpar hotel gyms, or a lack of access to fitness equipment entirely, travel can be incredibly disruptive to any workout routine. To help fight the urge to slack off while far from home, fitness expert, Liz Montaño of Depot Fitness in Los Angeles, has created a heart-pounding workout that can be done in any hotel room using simple (but effective movements) and just a few items found within arm's reach. The routine, which can be done before jumping in the shower, is based on their new SweatMix workout.

"We designed SweatMix using a combination of low-impact cardiovascular movements and modifiable athletic-style training drills that cycle through targeted muscle groups across the week. Think cardio, strength training, core work and yoga all mixed into one," explains Montaño. "The exercises are simple, but effective in getting you toned like never before. This modified workout is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain while away."

Equipment Needed:
Bath towel (3-feet or longer)
Bed, couch, or stable chair (approximately 2.5-feet high)

45 seconds per movement; 15 seconds to transition/switch between movements
Do each movement five times through.

1. Butt Kick/High Knee Combo - 4/4 ratio – Start in a standing position. With quick feet, drive heels to glutes as fast as possible for 4 reps (2 reps per leg) then switch directions to drive knees up waist height for 4 reps (2 reps per leg); switch back and forth between 6 heel drives and 2 knee drives.

2. Incline Push-Ups (from bed or couch) – Place hands on bed/couch/chair about shoulder width apart; straighten elbows; step feet back away from bed/couch/chair into plank position (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles aligned and belly firmly pulled in); lower chest towards bed/couch/chair as low as possible. Draw elbows out wide, then and back to straight arms.

3. Forward Lunge + Towel Twist – Start standing with towel drawn tight between two hands at shoulder height; step right foot forward while drawing back knee straight down to floor (right knee should be stacked over right ankle- i.e. front knee at 90-degree angle at the bottom of the lunge); once at the bottom of the lunge, twist torso to the right keeping arms extended out at shoulder height; rotate torso back so arms point forward and step right foot back together with left foot to stand-up; repeat on left side, with left facing towel twist.

4. Towel Toe Touch Sit-Ups - Start on your back and extend legs straight into the air (in other words, with heels stacked over hips); hold towel tight between hands (hands should be shoulder distance apart); reach towel straight up towards toes to pick head and shoulders off ground (reach up as far as possible); lower shoulders and head back to ground with control.

5. Squat Jacks - Start standing with feet together; jump down into wide stance squat with feet (be sure to jump down with majority of weight in heels, feet flat); jump with feet back together to stand.

6. Plank Knee to Elbows - Start in plank position with wrist stacked under shoulders; draw right knee up toward right elbow/tricep and try to touch knee to elbow/tricep then return leg back and find starting plank position; repeat on opposite side.

For more information on SweatMix, visit Depot Fitness.

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