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US Coast Guard Suspends Search for Overboard Cruise Passenger

The Australian man is thought to have fallen overboard in the Pacific Ocean.

Where to Wet Your Whistle in Waikiki

Visiting Hawaii's gayest beach? Here's what to eat and where to drink in Honolulu.

Experience O'ahu's Rich Cultural Heritage Through Immersive Hawaiian Adventures

An Indigenous-focused, ecologically-sustainable form of travel is taking root on this Hawaiian island, and it offers guests a more meaningful visit.

Waikiki's Healing Stones Celebrate Native Trans History

A beautiful exhibit gives context and profundity to O‘ahu’s joyful Pride celebration

How Queer Islanders Are Taking Back Paradise

Disrupting the colonial visions and marketing imaginations of untouched islands.

Effort to Restore Maui Coral on Yacht Damaged Reef

Hawaii is on the forefront in the field of coral restoration.

‘White Lotus’ Theme Song Getting Official Tiësto Remix

The EDM remix drops Friday on digital and streaming platforms.

The 10 Best Places in the U.S. to Visit in 2023

These nine states and one territory are the hottest LGBTQ+ destinations in America.

Champion Adaptive Surfer on Power of Resilience

The disabled champion surfer Meira Va'a Nelson's inspiring journey.

Shark Warnings Issued for Hawaiian Beaches

The warning signs were posted after sharks were spotted swimming in waters off leeward Oahu beaches

Hawaii Search For Crashed Aircraft

The aircraft went missing off the coast of Maui while on the way to Hawaii Island.

'Last Hawaiian Princess' Abigail Kawānanakoa Dies — She Was LGBTQ+

The 96-year-old heiress passed away with her wife by her side. 

Hawaii Probably Won't — And Shouldn't — Stop Lava From Closing Roads

Without volcanoes, there would be no Hawaii. Some residents would like more attention to unnatural, man-made threats to the island.

Hawaii’s Spectacular Lava Flow Inspires Wonder and Worry

Admire from a distance, as volcanic fumes can cause health problems. 

Pics Show Dueling Eruptions, Lava Flows Threaten Key Hawaiian Highway

The volcanoes are spewing 100-foot-tall geysers of lava and rivers of molten rock.

Two New Lava Flows Cascade Down Mauna Loa

Erupting neighboring volcanoes attract tourists despite dangers.

World's Largest Active Volcano Erupts in Hawaii

Mauna Loa is erupting for first time in nearly 40 years, rising ashfall concerns.  Lava flows may follow. 

More Black Friday  & Cyber Monday Resort Sales 

From Hawaii to Mexico to Alaska resorts are offering special sales for Black Friday.

Hawaii’s Coral Reefs Are Now Insured

It’s the first policy of its kind in the nation.

Big Island Drag Show Draws Large Crowd Amid Controversy

Protesters said “adult entertainment” is no place for kids.