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Go Here Now: Marc by Marc Jacobs White Trash Christmas NYC

Marc jacobs photo

Just in time for the holidays, our Aussie intern Jess learns about the REAL America
(Photo: Sarah Reid)

Marc by Marc Jacobs certainly has gone "classy" this year. There's a hillybilly Christmas themed window display which customers are encouraged to become a part of, complete with a BBQ, truckers hats, fence, tacky lights and props head here to capture your one and only White Trash Christmas treat.

So get on down, ya here, and take those last-minute holiday card snaps!


Open 12-8 PM.

Ends December 24.


Marc by Marc Jacobs

(Women’s store) 

403 Bleecker St

New York City


Keep an eye out for more photo booths around the US.   


Images We'll Never Forget, 2011 Edition

Chile volcano erupts

If an image is worth a thousand words, then the following highlights from the past year might as well be the Encyclopedia Brittanica of Amazing. And haunting. And uplifting. And sad. Basically, when we're old and gray and think back to 2011, this is what our cerebral-holographic projection units will light with on the wall. Because, you know, in 2092 they'll have that technology

(Via Buzzfeed)

Free Skype WiFi at Airports this Holiday Season

"I’ll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree...."

Ladyboy Flight Attendants Takeoff

Transgender airhostess'Photo: Associated Press

Back in January we gave you the lowdown of a new Asian charted airline, PC Air, who had been accepting applications of transgender candidates for the position of airhostess. With the launch of the airline PC Air has gone into groundbreaking territory announcing the flight attendant crew of four transwomen, 19 females and seven males.  

The president of the airline is not shy to toot his own horn, as told to the Daily Mail UK: “I’m a pioneer, and I’m sure there will be other organizations that follow my idea."

But hey, this is a world’s first, and any stride for equality is worthy in our book. Chalk up another point for Thailand, where "katoey" (or transwomen) have greater visibility and acceptance than most anywhere else in the world, even without official government recognition (their identity cards always say "male).

We welcome Chayathisa Nakmai, Dissanai Chitpraphachin and Phuntakarn Sringern (all 24 yrs), and Ms. Nathatai Sukkaset (26 yrs) to the friendly skies. See you in Bangkok!

Surprising Facts and Figures about LGBT Tourism

CMI Gay Travel Survey
Photo: David Shankbone/Flickr

The LGBT tourism industry is BIG. $65 billion a year big. Out of the $1.3 trillion spent in economic output for the travel and tourism industry in the USA, gays and lesbians account for a rather healthy chunk. 


Just released yesterday, Community Marketing Inc.'s annual LGBT Tourism Study reveals this and other stats that have become the bellwhether of gay consumers on the go. Culling responses from over 10,000 self-identified gay and lesbian consumers, what started as a way to highlight the power of the pink dollar and open the eyes of destinations has transformed into a window of how gays travel. 

Where do you fit in? Do you also choose a hotel based on location, price, free WiFi access, and gay-friendly rep -- in that order?

See some more insights below:

Out Is Doing it the Greek Way

Greek OUT cover

Gives new meaning to "Doing it the Greek Way"


No, your eyes aren't tired after a long day of work. That isn't English on the cover above. That's right -- we've joined Henry Cavil as one of the hottest things that are going Greek!

OUT's November issue featuring Alexander Skarsgård is our first edition to been translated and adapted into Greek, to sell to Greece's gay marketplace. Sure he's Swedish but it is a travel issue, so it does make sense. Not to toot our own horn (okay, just a little), but this also happens to be the country's first mainstream LGBT publication, period.

To get all official, a quote from the press release: 

Here Media (OUTUSA) partnered with G. Piliouras Ltd (now publishing OUTGreece) to produce a Greek-language version of OUT. The magazine is filled with leading fashion, style and pop culture content for consumers who are currently not being reached by local publications. At the moment, the magazine will be translated and edited in accordance, as well as utilizing European journalists to produce content of local interest including interviews with local Greek personalities, music and entertainment reviews and local travel coverage.

In other words, for roughly the roughly 14 million Greek speakers around the globe, they've got a new resource for the alpha to omega of great gay living. Opa!

For more info on Gay Greece, check out OutTraveler's Guide to Mykonos 

Controversy on Swedish Lucia Day

Lucia handmaidenPhoto: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/Getty Images

Today our favorite Scandinavian friends are celebrating Lucia Day, the beginning of the holiday season where traditionally a girl dons a white gown and wears a wreath of candles on her head. She sings, does charity work and takes part in the annual religious procession, becoming tärnor (Lucia’s handmaiden). A boy usually transforms himself into stjärngossar or a "star boy" wearing a white gown, a tall paper cone hat and holding stick with stars hanging from it. The whole thing is beyond magical -- we had a preview last year at the NYC event celebrating SAS airline's same-sex wedding contest

This year the Swedes are mixing things up a little though. A debate has broken out in schools across the country of whether men should also have the right to be Lucia. Boys announced their candidacy for Lucia and won the “Lucia-elections”. Some parents protested, students then rebutted. The youth of today in Sweden are certainly trying to change tradition. Readers from a local newspaper are now proposing a “lex loke” -- or a new law that Lucia should be “gender neutral”.

Kids like this: all just another reason why Out Loves Sweden.

Do This Now: Elizabeth Taylor Exhibition

Elizabeth Taylor

If you are in New York City this weekend head down to Christie’s at Rockefeller Center for the final days of The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor Exhibition Tour. The icon of fashion, film, humaniterianism -- and potential West Hollywood Street -- had quite the collection of cherished jewels, fashion, art and memorabilia, all of which will be on display for public exhibition before the grand sale, sure to make auction history.

In keeping with Miss Taylor’s life-long devotion to humanitarian causes, a portion of the monies generated from the event will be donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Full details after the jump. 

Hoarder Patrol: Top Illegal Imports Worldwide

LuggagePhoto: Drew Coffman/Flickr

What with fitting in five kimonos, packing can be stressful. Even more stressful: losing things at customs and/or facing a fine. We all know the rules about no fruit or meats or items made from ivory, but what about toasters and breakfast spreads? Thanks to CNNgo, here's a list of curious contraband from around the world. And we thought the TSA was persnickety. 


Seoul's Hot, New, Manly Restaurant

Mies Container boys
Courtesy of Mies Container

A hot (in all senses of the word) new restaurant in Seoul, Korea has got all the ladies (and of course some gents) in a bit of a tiz. According to CNNgo, Mies Container could be the first "Hooters for Females", an industrial-style fusion restaurant that replicates a "male-only working construction site," yet with higher quality dishes, flirty service and trendy design. In fact, its melange of steel and grit won the Red Dot Design Award this year, one of the design world’s three biggest honors. 

Their hook: the entire staff is a harem of manly men. Guys who are comfortable showing off their masculinity and energy (and maybe some muscles) while they deliver your orders. And seeing as  9 out of 10 customers are girls, it's working. That other 10% we can only assume are gay guys. Apparently it's not all about the wings.

Eye candy and scrummy snack, party of one!


Mies Container
Seocho-gu, Seocho-dong 1316-29 (서초구 서초동 1316-29)
+82 2 536 5786
Sunday-Monday: 11 a.m.-midnight, Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-2 a.m.


Gay Agenda: World Aids Day Events 2011

La-1130-pin07Photo: Rick Rycroft/AP

Today, cities around the world are hosting events and lighting up landmarks to honor World Aids Day, 30 years since the virus' first discovery. Sydney’s Opera House and Cape Town’s Table Mountain have been lit up red while across our great gay land events are in progress all day. 

According to the Advocate's City By City: World AIDS Day EventsLos Angeles will play host to HIV activist, motivational speaker, author and performer Conscious in her hit one-woman play Getting Unstuck. Chicago is inviting all chocolate lovers to commemorate World Aids Day at World of Chocolate and in Portland Cascade AIDS Project will host a “What’s new in HIV” symposium followed by a Kimpton hotel "Red Ribbon Party".

Click here for full events across the nation.


I Know This Place In... New Orleans


Although the city lays claim to inventing the first cocktail in the 1830s—the Sazerac, a bracing blend of rye,absinthe, and bitters—most current Crescent City boozing is either lethally fun or just plain lethal. Bar UnCommon (817 Common St.; 504-525-1111;, a mod hideaway in the Central Business District, is the glorious exception. Fourth-generation mixologist Chris McMillian’s custom creations are liquid bliss (just tell him your mood or taste profile). We recommend his Mint Julep, the perfect Southern refresher: fresh crushed ice, simple syrup, plenty of bourbon, and mint sprigs extracted just so, served in a metal cup. With cocktails this good, screw being couth and consider a go-cup. 



Companion Piece: Smythson Journals


The perfect indulgence for the inveterate traveler: patented pale blue, gilt-edged “featherweight” pages add distinguished heft to your musings—without actual heft—in Smythson’s handsome travel journals, floppy bound with supple, tanned leather. Classic floppy manuscript,, from $225





Going Green at Gay Eco Week in Costa Rica, Nov 2011

  Costa rica

Mark your calendars: a first-ever gay Gay Eco-Week is to be held in the gorgeous tropical landscape of Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica next month, November 11-20.

With a strong expat and vacationing LGBT community, this beach town on the northern Pacific coast of the Guanacaste region welcomes with a live-and-let-live ethos. The beaches are stunning and practically deserted. For gays who like a little adventure with their suntans, there are plenty of activities to be done in and around the area including river boat tours, tree top zip lining, caving in Barra Honda National Park, hiking volcanic trails, witnessing sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing.

Scaled back from a week of parties and official events, the inaugural Eco Week now aims to provide an umbrella structure for vacationers to enjoy the natural splendor with fellow L, G, B and Ts. For updated details and lodging options, "like" the Green Party Gay Week Costa Rica on Facebook.

Third Gender Option on Australian Passports

5453987637_ac1b11cc1b_bPhoto: Diana Parkhouse/Flickr

The Australian government has announced there will now be three gender options for Australian passports: male, female and indeterminate. The new ruling has been put in place to remove discrimination against transgender and intersex people.

Intersex people (born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit definitions of male or female) will mark with an “X” as well as transgender people (perception of their own sex is at odds with their birth gender), who will need a doctor’s statement to tick the box.

Even though it only affects a small percentage of Australians, this new ruling will allow them to travel freely, and that is what is important says the Australian government. We agree. 


New hotels added to the Marriott's Autograph Collection

Exedra Roma (17)Courtesy of Autograph Collection

Hearing the word Marriott makes you think of a large, generic hotel. No doubt picking up on this, the Marriott brought out their Autograph Collection. This collection includes a group of handpicked, independent, original and rich in character hotels that are springing up around the globe (26 to be precise). They are still under the mother name - Marriott, but they just more sophisticated (e.g. you still get the reward points, but you also get a classy room that we know is so much more you).

The last four hotels to hit the scene come from Europe. Joining the Autograph Collection in September were two hotels from Italy and one each from the Czech Republic and Hungary. They are the Boscolo Hotels.  Located in some of the most spectacular cities in the world, and right in the heart of the cities. These hotels each have something special about them – whether it the largest private park in Venice, overlooking the eternal city of Roma or being housed at the former headquarters of the postal service each hotel has a different story to tell.

So next time you are headed around the globe check for the Autograph Collection – by the end of the year they will boast more than 40 luxury hotels but rewards and services will still be key.









The World's Most Liveable Cities 2011*


Photo: Looking Glass/Flickr

Thinking of maybe a move? Having a bit of change at heart? Well the results are in. We have taken a closer look at the world’s top 10 liveable cities (according to the Economist Intelligence Units) and have justified their liveability according to their gayboorhoods. We mean, it can only be really liveable if the gays are already there right?

Skip the jump to see who made this year's top 10 most liveable cities. 

Eight Things You Didn't Know About the Chateau Marmont

5036787219_c6b71e115b_bPhoto: Tiensche/Flickr

Tucked away near Sunset and Laurel Canyon Boulevards, The Chateau Marmont is perhaps the most storied hotel in Los Angeles. Hidden by lush greenery, it has served as the backdrop for endless Hollywood lore. The rumors are of the juiciest, and mostly alleged, kind -- the Chateau's tight-lipped privacy policy is part of its allure. 

We're not one to talk, but...

Rub Report: Spa Vitale, San Francisco

Sinking into a spacious open-air soaking tub with bamboo by your side and stunning views of the Bay Bridge before your eyes is eco-consciousness we can get on board with.

Companion Piece: VitaMan Travel Kit

Vitaman travel kit

Australian-based VitaMan prides itself on using organic plant extracts, some of which would sit happily next to lush green produce from your farmer's market (regardless of whether you live in Sydney or not). Shrink them down, add a buttery leather dopp kit and voila! A self-contained grooming garden to go, complete with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. VitaMan Travel Kit available at, $99.