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Kimpton Hotels Says Ho-Ho-Homo to You and Your Pets

Photo: Getty Images

We all know how the gays feel about their pets. Those who don't nab themselves a few gaybies often substitute parenting with petting...much like Oprah. And that means come December, a menagerie of animals grace the gays' holiday cards. This year, forgo the stressful trick-your-dog-into-sitting-by-the-poinsettia routine and instead let your pup pose on the lap of Santa Paws. From 2pm to 4pm on Dec. 11 and 12, select Kimpton Hotels across the country will stage a free Christmas photo shoot for you and your little furry thing, complete with water bowls, treats and toys. Remember to bring your camera to capture your pet's best angles with Santa Paws, and pray it doesn't -- like some naughty children -- pee on his leg.


Charlie David Bumps Our Fantasy to the Trash

Story by Phillip B. Crook

Sure, we'll admit it. We've had a crush on Bump! host Charlie David since...well, since we first took a virtual tour with him around any one of the gay destinations he's visited on the show back when it was on here! TV. And in all that time we dreamed of the moment when Charlie -- who's also known for his acting gig in Dante's Cove -- would declare his love for us in, say, a gondola serenade through Venice. That dream is over.

Now, it's a nightmare. Watch this video of Charlie singing Nat King Cole's "L-O-V-E" in some sort of bad audition caught on tape and tell us you didn't go "Huh?!" too. 

Love on the Road: 30 Dates in 30 Days in 30 Cities

Story by Phillip B. Crook

How's this sound for a blind date? Kevin Richberg is a 32-year-old hunk of brown hair and brains. He recently earned a graduate degree in marine biology from MIT. He's a self-described "hopeful romantic" with a serious case of wanderlust. It was while traversing India that Kevin decided to begin an adventure across the U.S. to find Mr. Right.

Interested? Too late.

As of Oct. 31, Kevin completed his project called "30 Dates.30 Days.30 Cities", a journey he blogged about daily on the road. In Spokane, Washington (one-time home of Out's November coverboy Cheyenne Jackson), Kevin's date took him pottery painting. Mr. Denver took him to the modern art museum, Mr. Minneapolis to admire the Mary Tyler Moore statue, Mr. Knoxville to lay around a camp fire, Mr. Birmingham to tour a haunted factory and Mr. Chicago to...well, Mr. Chicago stood Kevin up. But if you're going to be abandoned, why not in a place that sports its own Boystown for a plan B?

We're still waiting on Kevin's last few posts, particularly about his final date Halloween night. We already know what he told The Advocate about his first 20 dates, but let's just cut to the chase -- did Kevin find love on the road or not?!

If the answer's no, give us a call.   

Are We Laughing With Gay Travel Commercials?

Story by Phillip B. Crook

When you're 10,000 feet in the air, chances are "I can get you off first thing in the morning" and "Just recline and let me service you" are words you only hear in flight attendant fantasies. One thing's for certain, you'd never hear it coming out of former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater's mouth. But a British Travelocity commercial, on the other hand, capitalized on the slutty gay flight attendant stereotype by presenting us with a slew of such air queens. The company even enlisted gay Star Trek actor George Takei for the cast (look for him in the red uniform). True, some might take offense to the ad, but the concept more pokes fun at the stereotype than presenting it as a reality. And how can you not laugh at "I'm direct, I'm not into stop-overs but I will do the redeye."

While Travelocity laughs with the gays for its commercial, Virgin Atlantic made our demographic the butt of the joke for its gay-themed TV spot. In the set up, two men do what romance novel lovers do: enjoy a spring picnic together, ride bicycles along the boardwalk, soak in a bubble bath and then finally take a trip down the aisle...that is, until we find out it was all a dream. Call us overly sensitive, but we don't think of gay marriage as a nightmare.

Lagerfeld Claims Fashion Territory in Dubai

Story by Phillip B. Crook  Klagerfeld_isla_moda_v_13oct10_rex_b_320x480

Karl Lagerfeld might be taking his moniker as The Kaiser a touch too literally. British Vogue reported this week that the designer's set to conquer his own "fashion island" by 2014. No, not Fashion Island, the Newport Beach luxury mega-mall. Rather, Lagerfeld is designing a man-made island 12 miles off the coast of Dubai with Miami-based architecture firm Oppenheim and the KOR hotel group.

Isla Moda, a sprawling complex of glass, light and water, will include three luxury hotels, 150 residential villas (good luck getting into one of those) and high-end boutiques. If nothing else, this new venture secures a shoe-in market for Chanel's resort collections, given that the island doesn't sink back into the water. Can you say fashion disaster?

But chief among our bevy of question for Lagerfeld is, where exactly will the island go? Closer to Dubai's sprouting palm or its archipelago of the world?


Claim your own slice of the Emirate, with our Guide to Gay Dubai.

Gaga Spices Up Airline Safety Routine

Story by Phillip B. Crook

Gaga-mania knows no bounds -- even airlines aren’t immune. Or maybe Cebu Pacific, the Philippines' largest airline, is just obsessed with Britney Spears' video for "Toxic." Either inspiration might explain why the airline choreographed its in-flight safety demonstration to pop hits by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. A video of the dance exploded on YouTube after showing up just a week ago, with nearly eight million views to date. Check out the shaky footage captured by a passenger after the jump.