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Exploring Berlin: A Guide to Germany’s LGBTQ+ Capital

Discover Hidden Gems and Celebrate Diversity in Europe’s Queer Cultural Hub

Streamer Pulls "Mr. Gay Germany" Following Cheating Allegations

An investigation was launched after some questioned whether the 2023 winner was too friendly with at least one of the judges.

Worker Strike Forces Lufthansa to Cancel Over 1,300 Flights

An earlier systems failure had grounded or delayed international flights.

Germany's Ruby Hotels Offers Staff Free Tattoos

From 80s kitsch to haute couture, royalty to reportage, each of the "lean luxury" brand's hotels has its own character and design, rooted in the local community it calls home.

Two Homophobic Assaults in Berlin Hours After LGBTQ+ Pride Parade

Police reported two incidents of anti-LGBTQ+ violence in the hours after Germany's largest LGBTQ+ Pride celebration in Berlin.

German Modernism at Stuttgart's Staatsgalerie Museum

These powerful paintings and sculptures express the joys and beauty of the world as well as the horrors of World War I.

Best LGBTQ Walking Tours in Europe and U.S.

From Rome to Berlin, Paris to Vancouver here are some of the best LGBTQ+ walking tours. 

Exploring Berlin's Very Queer Contradictions

Berlin is more German than it was 35 years ago. But has that made it less LGBTQ+-friendly?

Coveted: Adidas Oktoberfest-Inspired Sneakers

The München is both beer and puke repellent.

Meet Ben Melzer: The First Trans Man to Cover a European Fitness Mag

He will be gracing the cover of a special Collector's Edition of Men's Health Germany.

15 Things To Love About Munich

Hugged to the south by the Bavarian Alps, this German city blends the past with the present.

OUTtakes: Munich

Between all the beer and bratwurst, there's a ton to see in Munich.

Hometown Glory: Dietmar Holzapfel’s Munich

"We can live here very free and open, accepted," says German hotelier Dietmar Holzapfel of Munich.

A NightOUT: Munich

Munich's lively array of gay bars and clubs caters to any and all desires, as does its exciting culinary scene.

Kevin Clarke

Author Kevin Clarke talks about Berlin

Ken Koch

Nightlife entrepreneur Ken Koch talks about Munich.

Munich Unveils Same-Sex Traffic Lights

Make sure you have your same-sex buddy to cross the street with.

Equality Round-Up

It's been a big week for the international LGBT community.

Planned OUT: Germany

There are endless to-dos in Germany. What's on your agenda?