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A Steamy Encounter at a Gay Turkish Bath

Zachary Zane visits Istanbul's unofficial, underground gay hammam.

Male Bonding: Turkish Oil Wrestling

Photographer Jim Mavros captures the oily rituals of one of the oldest sports on the planet

Meet Baris Sulu, Turkey's First Openly Gay Political Candidate

a veteran LGBT activist, he says his sexuality has never been a secret

Istanbul Ready for Huge LGBT Festival?

The city is loved for its beauty and history, but growing pains are evident.

Report: Turkey Bans Grindr

The gay hook-up app is apparently no longer available for Turkish users and those in the country.

Beating Madrid and Istanbul, Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympics

The decision by the International Olympic Committee is viewed as a safe choice.

Why Madrid Should Get the 2020 Olympics

An advocacy group for LGBT athletes wants Madrid to win the next bid for the Summer Olympics.

Istanbul: A Mystical Place Lures Gay Travelers

Turkey's cultural epicenter contrasts its historically cosmopolitan character with growing Islamic conservatism.