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Michael and Matt’s LGBTQ+ Guide to Osaka

The out travelers share the tips on where to eat and stay and what to do in Osaka.

Cool Tokyo Design Hotspots for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Check out the newest and hottest design areas for all travelers in one of Japan’s most LGBTQ-friendly cities.

One of the Best Chinese Restaurants in the World Is in Japan

Tokyo is home to this three-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Upscale Japanese Hotel Only Changed Spa Water Twice a Year

The water was teaming with potentially deadly bacteria.

New Urban Orchid Species Discovered in Japan

The delicate pink and white petals look as if they’re spun from glass.

Guests at Theme Park Take Selfies Fondling Female Statues

The theme park features sets and character recreations from some of Japan’s most beloved animated films.

US World Champion Skier Killed in Avalanche

The deadly incident happened in in Nagano, Japan

Mixed Ruling on Marriage Equality by Court in Japan

The court ruled the ban on marriage equality was legal, but also found the lack of protections for same-sex LGBTQ+ couples violated their human rights.

Tokyo Plans to Recognize Same-Sex Partnerships Next Year

Japan is the only G7 country that still does not recognize same-sex marriages, but that may change in 2022.

Osaka, Japan, Shows its Pride to Woo LGBTQ+ Visitors

Osaka promotes itself as an LGBTQ+ destination with a new video campaign while local establishments offer a special sake to fund the annual Kansai Rainbow Festa event in October.

Queer Genderfluid Actor Erika Ishii's Gamer's Guide to LA

Ishii, the voice of Apex Legend's new lesbian character Valkyrie shares about their work, her Hollywood roots, and their favorite haunts in LA.

Gay Olympic Hopeful Ready to Defy Russian Ban

New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup says he'll be out and proud if he makes it to the Sochi Winter Games in 2014.

Russian Legislator: Government Can't Selectively Enforce Antigay Laws During Olympics

Vitaly Milonov claims the Russian government does not have the power to suspend the enforcement of the country’s newly-approved antigay legislation during the Sochi Olympics.