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How Spain Aims to Attract LGBTQ+ Travelers

Will improving the lives of queer citizens draw LGBTQ+ tourists?

Madrid Installs ‘Gay-Friendly’ Crosswalk Signs Ahead of WorldPride

"Our message is simple: Madrid is a city that promotes—and invests in—diversity and equality."

A Proustian Travel Guide: Francisco Trujillo Pérez

Our third Pride-related interview with Norwegian Air cabin crew takes us to Madrid.

Watch: Heartening Video Shows Everyday Spaniards Don't Tolerate Homophobia

Watch: Heartening Video Shows Everyday Spaniards Don't Tolerate Homophobia

When facing bigotry, gay tourists found fierce support in passersby.

Why Spain Is Winning the Gay Tourist Dollar War

The Iberian nation beats out France and U.K. as Europe's biggest draw for gay, lesbian, and bisexual travelers.

Couchsurfing Around Europe, Part 11: Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital is a warm, welcoming destination that no one should miss.

A Definitive Gay Guide to Madrid

Madrid’s Pride celebration is one of the most popular LGBT events in Europe (and it's happening now). But it isn’t the only reason to visit.

VIDEO: A Peek at the Brokeback Opera in Madrid

The story of Brokeback Mountain was made for opera, says its composer.

Opera Gets Sexy: Brokeback Mountain Opera Dress Rehearsal Photos

Dress rehearsal photos from the Brokeback Mountain opera in Madrid reveal more than expected.

Brokeback Mountain Opera Opening in Madrid

In what seems like a no-brainer, the classic gay love story becomes an opera, set to premiere at the Teatro Real.

Shot of the Day: Croquettes in the Sun

Our shot of today is in the center of Madrid's lovable gay village.

Shot of the Day: Spanish Lullaby

Today's picture takes us to sunny central Spain, one of the most gay-friendly places on Earth.

Beating Madrid and Istanbul, Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympics

The decision by the International Olympic Committee is viewed as a safe choice.

PHOTOS: Spain Puckers Up for Putin

Anti-Putin protesters stage a kiss-in in front of the Russian embassy in Madrid today.

Why Madrid Should Get the 2020 Olympics

An advocacy group for LGBT athletes wants Madrid to win the next bid for the Summer Olympics.

PHOTOS: Pride in Madrid Is the Hottest So Far

Spain is one of the most LGBT accepting countries in the world, which accounts for the relaxed, sexy attitude of the celebrants.