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Napa Valley

Gay Napa Valley isn't just about the wine. If breathtaking views and fine dining aren't enough to lure one into the country, Out Traveler is happy to show a few other reasons to escape for the weekend. Even the soberest of sightseers can find enjoyment in the quaintest of bed & breakfast options, or find a sanctuary at the spa in one of the many resorts overlooking the valley. One of the premier travel destinations in the world, gay Napa Valley offers a relaxation and pampering experience that is unparalleled. Whether you're touring by limo or bicycling to Beringer, Napa offers a relaxation that only a hot air balloon ride or a round of golf might be fit to disturb.

Make the Most of Napa’s ‘Cabernet Season’

For only $75, get complimentary tastings at these 16 wineries. 

Russian River: Leaving the Rush Behind

Located along the Russian River, Guerneville is a foodie mecca in the making — perfect for relaxing amid ancient redwoods