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Sustainable Travel

Is The US Missing the High Speed Train Revolution?

High speed trains are racing around the world but unique challenges may derail dreams in the U.S.

Experience O'ahu's Rich Cultural Heritage Through Immersive Hawaiian Adventures

An Indigenous-focused, ecologically-sustainable form of travel is taking root on this Hawaiian island, and it offers guests a more meaningful visit.

See First Baby Cheetahs Born in India in More than 70 Years

Cheetahs were declared officially extinct in India more than seven decades ago.

Effort to Restore Maui Coral on Yacht Damaged Reef

Hawaii is on the forefront in the field of coral restoration.

Europe's Efforts to Ditch Planes for Trains Can't Get Off the Ground

Even airlines seem to be behind plans to replace flights with more sustainable train travel. So why can't it take off?

LGBTQ+ People Want More Out of Travel

A new report shows how our journeys can be more transformational — for us and the planet.

New Resort Celebrates Thailand's Historic Luxury Train Travel

A resort outside Khao Yai National Park upcycled antique railcars into luxury suites, a spa, and more.

7 Top Travel Trends in 2023

Here’s what will be defining travel this year.

French Polynesia to Cap Tourist Numbers in New Sustainability Plan

The hope is to balance tourism with environmental conservation, but others question the plan’s economic viability.

Blue Crush: The Sea Could Save Us

The ocean may be our best hope in fighting the climate crisis — but it needs our help.

Will Las Vegas's New Pool Ban Impact Your Vacation?

As the desert city enacts new water restrictions, will it spell the end of LGBTQ+ pool parties? Here's what's in store.

What Australia's Government Must Do Now to Save the Great Barrier Reef

After four coral bleaching events in seven years, these scientists warn that the time to act is now.

How Costa Rica Built Sustainable Travel Around Biodiversity

Protecting its natural diversity and wildlife, and making it accessible to visitors,  has paid off for this Central American nation.

Tips For Visiting Endangered Places

Here are some tips for the ethical traveler when visiting special and possibly endangered places.