Jordan: A Great Gay Destination


By William Forster

Find fun, beauty, and some hunky gay men in Jordan.

What's Left?There's an outstanding destination for gay and straight tourists alike: Jordan. Like in many Muslim countries, homosexual acts and cross-dressing are considered 'sinful' but they aren't technically illegal. Even so, same-sex affection abounds in the public sphere, while public affection between members of the opposite sex is taboo. A gay couple can walk the street arm-in-arm or holding hands while a straight couple would get dirty looks. Men greet one another with kisses on the cheek (the Jordanian way is one on the right cheek and three to five on the left). Jordanian men even blow one another kisses. The nightlife is overwhelmingly gender segregated, so meeting Jordanians of the same sex is easy. Jordanians are wonderfully friendly people, and as you walk through the streets of Amman, you will hear shouts of "welcome."

Amman, the capital, has some worthy attractions, most notably Roman ruins, especially the Roman Theater (at night the city's main cruising area for gay men) and Jebel al-Qal'a, the ancient citadel which includes ruins of a temple to Hercules, a museum, and the remains of an Umayyad palace, along with stunning views of the modern urban sprawl of Amman.