VIDEO: Drag Queen Takes on Ranting Conservatives in Seattle


By Neal Broverman

Mama Tits did not want to hear right-wingers voicing their disdain at this weekend's Pride parade in Seattle.

Towering drag queen Mama Tits gave a group of conservatives a piece of her mind at Seattle Pride, at one point getting into a near-physical confrontation with one of them.

Holding signs like "Jesus Christ is Lord" and "Repent," the protesters tried to ruin the fun at the festival. But Mama Tits formed a wall with other drag queens and then told the conservatives to open their minds and drop the hate (she also told them they were sinners for wearing cotton-poly blends). "Not today Satan," Mama Queen screamed, quoting RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio.

"Before I knew it, I was standing tits to nose with the leader guy on the megaphone," Mama Tits told the Seattle Gay Scene. "It felt like I had the strength of all the people who had ever been hurt by these people standing right behind me giving me power!"

Watch Mama Tits in action below.