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Yorkshire's Dinosaur Coast Reveals Record-Breaking Footprints

A massive carnivore left its prints over 166 million years ago.

New Greener Aircraft From NASA and Boeing

The sustainable design could benefit passengers this decade.

Green Comet Is Making a Once-In-50,000-Year Appearance

And your best chance to see it is tonight.

Here’s a List of All Visible Celestial Events for 2023

Comets, eclipses, wolf moons, micromoons, and even a blue moon are on the calendar.

Did Viking I Find Proof of a Megatsunami on Mars?

Researchers have located a 68-mile-wide crater left by a giant asteroid they believe may have devastated a very different planet over three billion years ago.

This Mannequin Is Boldly Going Where None Have Gone Before 

Meet Commander Moonikin Campos, the crash test dummy going farther than any astronaut.

Why NASA Is Returning to the Moon

50 years later, Artemis I follows in Apollo’s footsteps

15 Pics To Show Why You Should Watch the Artemis Moon Rocket Launch

Here’s everything you need to know about the Artemis rocket and how to watch the liftoff.

Blue Crush: The Sea Could Save Us

The ocean may be our best hope in fighting the climate crisis — but it needs our help.

Mexico’s Dino-Killer Asteroid Also Triggered Global Tsunami

Experts say it is only a matter of time before another apocalyptic asteroid strikes Earth again.

Perseverance Rover Finds Organic Matter ‘Treasure’ On Mars

Researchers say the discovery suggests potentially habitable environments in the red planet’s past.