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Customs Agents Find Six Illegal Giant Snails in Passenger’s Luggage

Giant African snails are often kept as pets but are also considered a tasty delicacy.

New MLK Monument Opens in Boston

The public art honors Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King.

Like Foot-Longs? Drive a Wienermobile

Oscar Meyer seeks applicants to come drive a giant wiener.

Adopt a Kitten and Get Free Plane Tix

This airline is offering free plane tickets for adopting a cat.

JFK TSA Finds Gun Hidden In PB

The semi-automatic was being smuggled in peanut butter jars packed in luggage.

13 Bison Killed in Crash Near Yellowstone Park

During winter bison use roadways because they make travel easier.

Those African Souvenirs Could Get You Arrested

Airport officers seized woman's "souvenirs" brought back from Kenya.

LGBTQ+ Julius' Bar Named a NYC Landmark

One of New York City's oldest gay bars — site of a essential 1960s LGBTQ+ protest — has been declared an official historic landmark.

Hawaii Probably Won't — And Shouldn't — Stop Lava From Closing Roads

Without volcanoes, there would be no Hawaii. Some residents would like more attention to unnatural, man-made threats to the island.

Please Don’t Lick the Psychedelic Toads, Man

National Park Service warns you might get really, really high (and sick and thrown in jail, too)

Lions Rescued From Ukraine Find New Home

Let’s just hope these are some cold-weather cats.