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Irish Politician Wrongly Uses Photos of Gay Dads to Oppose Surrogacy

Irish Politician Wrongly Uses Photos of Gay Dads to Oppose Surrogacy

Irish politician Mary Fitzgibbon used the photo to illustrate her stance against LGBT rights.

It was a heartwarming picture: A gay couple, BJ Barone and Frank Nelson, holding their son their newborn son Milo after he was delivered via a surrogate. The photo went viral two years ago, but despite the support the Toronto couple received from around the world, they were surprised to find that a Parliamentary candidate in Ireland was using their photo to solidify her stance against LGBT rights.

Independent Kerry election candidate Mary Fitzgibbon posted the photo her social media account multiple times, using the hashtag #no2surrogacy.


In an article by The Journal of Dublin, Lindsay Foster, the photographer who shot the image, was shocked to see that the photo was being used to misrepresent what the image captured.

“It’s so sad to know that this image that shouts ‘love’ from the rooftops is being used so negatively by a political candidate,” Foster said.

Barone, one of the fathers, was also disheartened to see Fitzgibbon using “the most beautiful moment in their lives” as something “negative for her political gains.”

“I think the photo speaks for itself: the expression on Frank’s face says nothing but love,” Barone told The Journal. “It is love that makes a family, not a mother or a father.  If everyone had as much love as Milo does in his life, the world would be a much happier place. Everyone should have the right to marry and have children. Love is love.”

Not to worry though, according to Pink News, Fitzgibbon failed to win the election, only attracting 752 votes out of 79,273.


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