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Struggling Indian-American Writer Moonlights as NYC Escort in Insomnia

Struggling Indian-American Writer Moonlights as NYC Escort in Insomnia

Revry, the first global LGBTQ+ streaming network, is set to premiere Insomnia, the queer South Asian dramedy from Vishaal Reddy, this Thursday, March 18.

Insomnia tells the story of struggling bisexual Indian-American writer Nikkhil Sharma (Reddy) and his darkly absurdist late-night adventures after he begins moonlighting as a male escort in NYC.

The inspiration for the show came from Vishaal’s own NYC experience when a complete stranger approached him and suggested he consider working as a male escort.

Led by a diverse group of founders, Revry features an extensive library with over 5,000 curated LGBTQ+ titles including LGBTQ-focused series, news, and exclusive programming on free live TV.

Insomnia has its Revry network premiere Thursday, March 18, on Revry, the LGBTQ+ streaming media network. You can watch the trailer for Insomnia below.

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