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Meet 7 Queer-Friendly Celebs from Seattle


They have lots of Emerald City pride.

Whether they grew up in Seattle or spent some serious time in the city, these stars know the Emerald streets well. From singers to actors, activists to authors, Seattle is a hub for creativity. 

1. Mary Lambert, Singer


Made famous by singing alongside Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis on the equality anthem "Same Love," Mary Lambert is well-known in Seattle's slam poetry scene. She's now working diligently on her solo career.

Photo by Danielle Levitt

2. Macklemore, Rapper


It's only fitting that Macklemore also hails from Seattle. As mentioned, the rapper caught our attention with the breakout "Same Love," before tackling such controversial songs as "White Privilege II," which analyzes American race relations.

3. Carrie Brownstein, Actor/Singer/Author


Photo by Ryan Pfluger

Carrie Brownstein frequently performed with her all-girl punk band, Sleater Kinney throughout Seattle in the '90s and early 2000s. But Brownstein has since turned her attention to her acting career on IFC's Portlandia and writing (she most recently published her first memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl). 

4. Blair Underwood, Actor


Photo courtesy of Mingle Media TV

Blair Underwood, who grew up just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, starred in NBC’s legal drama L.A. Law for seven years, making a name for himself outside of theater. Now Underwood is acting in Marvel’s hit action show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

5. Lauren Weedman, Actor


You'll probably recognize Lauren Weedman as Dom's funny roommate on HBO's Looking. Weedman, who is also a respected comedian, has performed in countless Seattle theaters. Expect to see Weedman back on your television screen for the Looking movie to be released sometime this year.

6. Chris Pratt, Actor


That's right, Jurassic World hunk Chris Pratt grew up in the Seattle area. Now the actor is one of Hollywood's new A-listers. You'll soon see him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) and an untitled Jurassic World sequel (2018).

7. Dan Savage, Activist/Author


Photo by JUCO

It Gets Better founder Dan Savage is one of today's best known cultural commentators and LGBT advocates. He now lives in Seattle, where he also records his ever-popular Savage Lovecast. In 2012, Savage even married his husband, Terry Miller, at Seattle City Hall.

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