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Australian Mural Dubs George Michael the Patron Saint of Gays

George Michael

Cause we gotta have faith.

As the world regains strength after the death of George Michael and the general bad taste that 2016 left in our mouths, one artist has found a way to give the pop icon a beautiful memorial. Scott Marsh is an Australian street artist known for his murals of Kanye West and Notorious BIG. In his latest, he paints Michael in a holy light.

The mural recently went up at the corner of Bray Street and Flora Street in the Sydney suburb of St. Peters. The mural, titled “St. George” gives Michael a halo with a rainbow sash and his signature cross earring while he holds a joint and a bottle of poppers.

Marsh recently told Australian blog, The Music that this mural holds special significance for the residents of the building who commissioned him for the wall.

"They were telling me stories about him and their times with him in Sydney and he sounded like a pretty incredible person,” Marsh said. “So I just sat down with them and threw some ideas around. The idea we stuck with was him as the patron saint of the gays. They love it."



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