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Budget Cuts to Close Smithsonian Galleries

Budget Cuts to Close Smithsonian Galleries

Federal budget cuts are now hitting the Smithsonian Museum, cutting down the number of galleries that are open for free to the public on a daily basis, the Associated Press reports.

Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Closure testified before the House Government and Oversight Committee on Tuesday that the museum complex has already made administrative cuts but now must also reduce the number of security officers it employs. As a result, rolling gallery closures will begin May 1.

“There is no question sequester will have an impact on our ability to serve the American people,” Clough said. “We will face hard decisions.”

The Smithsonian also will likely cancel or postpone some exhibits planned for 2014 and 2015 and will cut some of its education programs.

Clough was careful to point out that none of the museum’s most popular exhibits would be part of the rolling closures.

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