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Olivier Rousteing's Next Collection Will Pay Tribute to Paris

Olivier Rousteing's Next Collection Will Pay Tribute to Paris

Olivier Rousteing's Next Collection Will Pay Tribute to Paris

The designer talks Paris attacks, diversity in fashion, and shares his views on the rise of extremism in France

Balmain star designer Olivier Rousteing recently sat down with the BBC to talk about his work with H&M and future projects. 

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In a typically candid and down-to-earth chat with BBC's reporter, Rousteing explains that he wants to reflect the strength and beauty of Paris after the terrorist attacks that took place in November:

"With what's happened with Paris, I want to make sure my next collection is a reflection of beautiful France, the beautiful Paris -- Paris with the lights. So it's going to be a lot of diversity… it's going to be an homage to my country… showing that Paris is amazing and we've got to keep it strong, not forgetting that Paris is the City of Light."

The young creative director also tells about how he avoided one of the deadly shootings because he had to stay at work late:

"I was in my office with my assistant, speaking about the next collection, and she asked me, 'Is it going to take long, the conversation about the next show?," and I said, 'Yes,' so she text her boyfriend and said, 'We're not going to go to the restaurant'... and this dinner was exactly at the place where they shot [people]. When we heard the news, we locked the office and just didn't want to go out."

Rousteing also chimes in on the struggles he's faced as an adopted child of color in a predominantly white fashion industry:

"I come from an orphanage, I have been adopted by my white parents, I don't know where I come from... Fashion always helped me to define who I am and who I want to be. I had a tough life, I have to say… We can forget [it], but sometimes fashion is a white world. So I feel like I've been lucky, but at the same time I've worked so hard. I almost thank my past because my past has made me so strong today."

Watch the interview, below.

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