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French Farms Now Equipped With...Gyms & Waxing Salons? According to a New Calendar—Yes!

French Farms Now Equipped With...Gyms & Waxing Salons? According to a New Calendar—Yes!

Take a naked look at Le Calendrier des Agriculteurs 2017.

Photography by Fred Goudon/Le Calendrier des Agriculteurs 2017.

We've seen a great deal of male pin-up tit-ilation over the last decade or so, in which men in traditionally masculine occupations get their clothes off and their tarty on as they occupy the traditionally 'feminine' and 'passive' position of the glammed-up calendar girl.

And they've turned out to be naturals.

It started with the famous Dieux du Stade sporno calendars, spreading to firemenMormon missionariesCatholic priests, and then pretty much to the entire male sex. Men haven't bothered to sit around waiting to be asked to appear in a tarty calendar, but instead—eagerly sexualized—publish themselves via smartphones and Instagram.

Not that I'm complaining. When it comes to male objectification too much is never enough.

Now French farmers are the latest traditionally blokey profession to get the full glamour model calendar boy treatment, in this instance from French fashion photographer Fred Goudon in his Le Calendrier des Agriculteurs 2017 

French Farmers Embed

So we see the 'agriculteurs' lovingly lensed while going about their daily, honest toil in field and farmyard, keeping La France fed—while their overalls keep slipping off in the hot Gallic sun, leaving them casually nearly naked. Save for their full body makeup.

If this calendar is to be believed, the French peasantry are definitely no longer revolting—but nor are they eating any cake. Nor in fact any carbs at all after 6pm.

But while the French farmers do look rather more spornosexual than pastoral, at least they're not lumbosexuals.

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