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Wedding Destination: Bloomington, Indiana

Wedding Destination: Bloomington, Indiana


This small, Midwestern city welcomes LGBT couples in a big, big way.

OK, yes, Donald Trump's running mate (and anti-LGBT mouthpiece) is the current Governor of Indiana. And, sure, there was that brief ugly business last year with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, before the state government came to its senses (thanks to a lot of outside pressure). But, Bloomington - Indiana's seventh largest city and home to the University of Indiana - is a welcoming oasis that actively courts LGBT visitors and offers a picturesque backdrop for a fall (or any season, really) wedding.

Still not convinced? Not only has Bloomington routinely appeared on lists of the best small, gay-friendly cities, it has had anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT citizens and visitors on the books since 2002. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction originated in Bloomington. The city's PRIDE Film Festival has been running for nearly a decade and a half. And, there are countless gay-friendly eateries, bars, coffee houses and other hangouts up and down its tree-lined streets.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, Bloomington offers a surprisingly robust number of resources to help every LGBT couple get hitched without a hitch:

First, there is a whole host of suitable venues for the ceremony that range from the traditional, like Sycamore Farm, to the quirky, like Wonderlab Museum.

Look no further than Liby Ball Sewing & Design (above) for beautiful gowns and Andrew Davis Clothiers (below) for sharp suiting. Both of these local artisans specialize in creating tailored wedding attire for all body types - plus-size, athletic, transgender-bodied, women interested in wearing a suit, men in need of a gown, etc.

Of course, one of the ceremony's focal points is the cake. Bloomington's Rainbow Bakery (below) will work with couples to create the perfect confection, traditional or offbeat.

For more information on Bloomington as a destination for LGBT weddings, go to

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