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Paradise Found: Seychelles Island, the Ultimate Haven for Eco-Travelers

You can check out anytime you want, but you will never want to leave.

2023's Most Infamous Tourists: Unveiling the Worst-Behaved

From cooking and eating an endangered species on livestream to filling your bottle in a famous fountain, here are the absolutes worst of the worst.

All Aboard the Orient Express for a Touch of Italian Romance

Guests will be pampered in vintage style but at a steep price.

Europe Delays New Entry Fees – Here’s What That Means For Travelers

Mirrored after the U.S. program, Europe’s ETIAS visa waiver program won’t be ready until 2025.

ETIAS Tax Guide 101: Everything You Need to Know About ETIAS and Europe’s City Taxes

Beginning in 2024, it won’t be free to travel to Europe. Here’s what you need to know.

Forget Near Misses, Officials Now Worry about Catastrophic Incidents

Authorities convened a “safety summit” although air travel remains among the safest forms of travel.

You Can Live on a Cruise Ship for Just $30,000 a Year

Love cruising? Ever dreamed of life at sea? This company has you covered.

Woman Tracks Missing Luggage to McDonald’s & Waxing Salon

United said it had her bag, but the woman’s Airtag showed otherwise.

Weird Yet Wonderful Travel Campaigns of 2022

From typing ponies to Blair Witch, destinations try unusual tactics to draw tourists.

Cat Found in Checked Airport Luggage

Watch out for the cats that like to hang out in your suitcase while you pack!

How to Get a Year’s Worth of Flights for $599

A deal that sounds too good to be true, with only a few caveats.

This Floating City Could Be the World’s Largest Boat

Come aboard the turtle-shaped terayacht named Pangeos.

Virgin Boeing 747 to Launch Rocket Into Space

The launch of “Cosmic Girl” will take place next month in England.

This Italian Region Will Pay You to Visit, But There’s a Catch

Idyllic communities in northern Italy are enticing travelers with an offer you can’t refuse.

American Tourist Smashes Two Sculptures in the Vatican

It seems as though we just can’t have nice things.