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The World's Gayest Monuments

Wizard of Oz Rainbow
Culver City, Calif.
A rainbow in honor of The Wizard of Oz. Someone over at the Sony Pictures Lot is a friend of Dorothy.


Phallic Rock
Molokai, Hawaii
Mother Nature, you dirty girl. Like doodles from our high school notebook, she went and created a rock shaped like, well, a penis. A really big penis. (Photograph by Flickr user mikenan1)


Little Mermaid Statue
Copenhagen, Denmark
It’s not Ariel, but this topless beauty in the Copenhagen harbor honors homo Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale and had us cruising the crowd for our own Prince Eric. (Photograph by Flickr user celesteh)


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“A tribute to gay men and women who have been subjected to persecution of their homosexuality.” We love the Dutch. (Photograph by Flickr user joethelion)


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