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Favorite Hometown Places from the Cast of Absinthe

Favorite Hometown Places from the Cast of ABSINTHE

Plus, the location of the Gazillionaire's favorite erection....

There are many great shows to see in Vegas, however, Absinthe is the first show I’ve seen that I can’t wait to see again. Performing Wednesday through Sunday in a tent set up on the Roman Plaza in front of Caesars Palace, this circus-slash-burlesque show has everything I want from a Vegas spectacle: hot, half-naked men and women performing jaw-dropping stunts that are so close one could likely end up in your lap, excessive swearing and unrelenting humor so offensively vulgar that three people from our row left after fifteen minutes. (Yes, lines will be crossed but in an equal-opportunity-no-one-is-spared kind of way.)

The twisted genius that is Absinthe comes to life each performance by way of its truly talented, international cast, who we asked where they would take someone coming to visit their respective hometowns:

Lea Hinz (left, photo above) – Berlin, Germany:
“If you plan on a stay in Berlin for a limited time and you want to get a feeling for the vibe of the city, I recommend to plan a day at Hackescher Markt.

Maybe you will find a nice green spot in Montbijoupark and enjoy your breakfast picnic directly at the river Spree while having a view onto the Parliament and Berlin Gate in the west and the Dome in the South. You should then stroll around Hackescher Markt with its old architecture and cute little yards and do some shopping - there are some awesome vintage boutiques as well as designer shops. If you're lucky you will catch the farmers market and get to taste some fresh juices and deli foods too. In the evening you could treat yourself with a show in Chamäleon, one of the smallest but most innovative theaters of the city, directly in Hackesche Höfe and finish the day off with a visit in one of the many alternative clubs in Oranienburger Straße which are often hidden in basement floors or backyards.”

Michal Henryk Furmanczyk and Lukasz Krzysztof Szczerba, Duo Vector (pictured, top) – Warsaw, Poland:
“The number one place to visit in Warsaw is Łazienki Park. It is the largest park in the city. Some of the biggest attractions are the peacocks that walk around the whole park and present their majesty to the visitors.”

Charlie Starling - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:
“Although I was in London for ten years before moving to Vegas to join ABSINTHE, my home and heart will always be in Newcastle Upon Tyne. There is so much to do, see and eat there, from Flat Caps Coffee to The Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton, excellent live comedy at The Stand and some very entertaining football fans and less entertaining football (soccer... pfft!) at Newcastle United's home stadium, St. James Park. Not to mention being surrounded by the friendliest people in the world!

But if I have to choose one thing, I'd say the Quayside. Beautiful bridges, a cool breeze, great restaurants like The Broad Chare and Red House, local theatre at The Live, and exquisite art exhibitions at The Baltic. The River Tyne is the center of my universe, and I love to share it!”

Ruslan Khusinov - Tashkent, Uzbekistan:
“My city is Tashkent and I like to go to Plov Center Uzbekistan restaurant, Park Telman and our national state circus. It's a beautiful place to visit.”

Gazillionaire - Yerevan, Armenia:
“Outside of Yerevan is beautiful Lake Sevan, known for its lake trout. Here, on the lake's western shore, you'll find a colossal shrine erected in homage to a young fisherman boy who would grow up to become the greatest, wealthiest and most handsome circus impresario the world would ever see. At least, I think it's the western shore, that's where I told them to put it when I forked over all that money to have it built.”

ABSINTHE performs two shows (8pm and 10pm) every Wednesday through Sunday. For more information or to buy tickets visit For a little taste of ABSINTHE, check out the video here:


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